Monday, August 23, 2010

Simon's Cat ' Hot Spot'

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

Well, today I found out how good or should I say bad Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance is. I went to my regular doctor and paid $25 dollars for my co-pay. They sent me to have a CT scan and the receptionist advised me that after they bill Blue Cross/Blue Shield, that I will get a bill for $900 dollars. This is because we have a $750 dollar deductible and then we have to pay 20% of the bill on top of that. Now I have to go and have an Ultrasound and who knows how much that will be. Allegedly we only have to fork out $1750 a person a year and then Blue Cross/Blue Shield will pay 100%. Needless to say, I would like to thank President Obama and Forsyth County for looking out for my best interest when it comes to my insurance and health care. At least I know who will force me into bankruptcy and bad debt first.