Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chester the Molester at the movies!!

Now why is it that we took the girls to the movies tonight and once again "Chester the Molester" shows up ogling them. In walks this old guy and he starts checking out the girls. Well of course we weren't sitting with them but we were on alert as soon as this guy starts checking them out. He sits down and then looks back up to where the girls are sitting and checks them out again. Well I believe if a couple hadn't of come in and sat down near the girls that this man would have gotten up and tried to sit with them when the lights went off. Well we were ready to jump if he did. What is wrong with people? What is the infatuation with looking at teenagers? It is just sickening.

Thumbs down for the Roommate

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 23:  Actresses Mi...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Well I would not recommend going to see the movie "The Roommate".  It is not scary, not really any acting or good story plot. It is an ok movie to rent but not one I would normally go see in at the movies.
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Justin Bieber spotted in King,NC. Yes Justin Bieber was spotted at McDonald's getting a Happy Meal. Seems like Justin has also put on a little weight because of eating at McDonald's.

How about the entire left

How about the entire left side of my face is numb. From my lips to my ear. From my tongue to my temple.

My Valentines gift.

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Well at the age of

Well at the age of 41 I got my FIRST cavity. They say it is a baby one but still it sucks. Sniffle. Tear.