Friday, August 19, 2011

So to my faithful followers

So to my faithful followers of Catsmeow. Im backkkkkkkkkk...... Just saying......

Well it looks like it

Well it looks like it is going to be a blogging weekend. I have neglected my blogging duties way to long.


10. My air conditioning is broke and my spouse can't handle the repairman.

9. My spouse is sick and they can't take care of the kids even though when you are sick you have to take care of the kids. Oh wait a minute you are the parent who always takes care of the kids sick or well.

8. Your kids puked in the floor and your spouse can't clean it up(because they will puke to) so they throw a towel over it and demand you to stay home from work to clean it up.

7. Someone in the family has a car accident (not really), this is just something to tell your supervisor because you couldn't get that day added onto your vacation time so it sounds good when you call in so your family can leave to go to the beach earlier.

6. My cat reset my alarm clock so I didn't get up in time.

4. A flock of turkeys blocked the highway and there was no other way to get to work.

3. I couldn't get my zipper on my pants zipped up.

2. I was too tired to drive because I stayed up all day watching the kids play ball.

The number one worse reason to call in sick to work is:

1. Your entire family was sick with diarrhea and they pooped in the bed all night long so you had to wash sheets all night long. They had the squirts all night long and your spouse would yell, " Honey I just pooped in the bed and I need you to change the sheets and wash them." Then 20 minutes later they yell the same thing again.

JUST SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!