Monday, January 24, 2011


Now this is just wrong. If you have to wear a catheter then you need to wear pants. People don't want to see your URINE bag out in public.
fashion fail - Pants can be Crucial

Deaths could have been results of Carbon Monoxide!

This is so sad. All they needed in the unit was a carbon monoxide detector. People if you have gas heat, wood heat etc please get a detector. You can also get the ones that are smoke detectors as well. Save a life. Look out for you and your family member's.


I was just watching TV and a commercial comes on called "". Now this website says it is a black dating site for black people. Why does it have to be just for black people? Now if there was a website saying "" and it said it was just for white people to meet each other then the NAACP would be on them like white on rice. They would have them in court for promoting a website for white people only. They would also do the same thing if the website was "". Why does everything in America have to be in color? Why can't it just be ""? Why does everything have to be about race? I am so tired of the racial issues this country still has. Our country likes to tell everyone about how racial issues are almost over with here in America but they are not. You still have racism(that goes both ways) in the workforce, schools, finance, etc. It is sickening. Why can't we all be treated the same? We have progressed in so many areas such as engineering, medical, computers, etc but we can't excel and progress in race relations. I have two beautiful bi-racial children and I am proud of them. But even I have been on the receiving end of racists both black and white. I just hope and pray that they will never have to deal with that.